Made possible by our members.

Funds distributed by the Diverse Power Foundation are collected from Diverse Power members through the Operation Round Up program. Members who take part in this charitable outreach allow Diverse Power to “round up” their monthly electricity bill to the next dollar with the extra pennies earmarked for grants and scholarships throughout the service area.


About Us

The average donation per member, per year, is approximately $6. That’s about the cost of a fast food meal or a couple gallons of gas. But these small contributions add up to a big impact. Since distributing its first round of grants and scholarships in 2003, the Diverse Power Foundation has gifted over $2 million to positively impact the lives of those living in the communities served by Diverse Power.

Grants are awarded for educational purposes and to not-for-profit agencies that serve a broad spectrum of people and causes in our communities. Scholarships are awarded to high school seniors from accredited schools in Diverse Power’s service area for post-secondary education at the two or four year college or technical school of their choice.

“Diverse Power understands their purpose is not only to provide electric power but also to serve as responsible members of the community. That’s why Diverse Power and the Foundation take part in Operation Round Up to support worthy causes that uplift our members and move forward our communities.”
Gordon Cone
Diverse Power Foundation Chairman