School Grant Application 2024

Information and Instructions


The Diverse Power Foundation is a corporate foundation formed to provide charitable funds collected through Diverse Power’s Operation Round Up® for the Diverse Power service area with a focus on education and youth. An independent Board of Directors governs the Foundation under the laws of the State of Georgia. Funding is provided by the members of Diverse Power Incorporated and by private donations.

For grant applications and instructions, please visit All grant applications must be received by January 26, 2024. Grant awards will be announced on April 26, 2024.


The Diverse Power Foundation Educational Fund supports educational projects in grades Pre-K-12 in Diverse Power service area schools. Preference is given to projects that significantly enhance the educational experience of students. The Foundation encourages grant requests for:

  • Projects that show innovation in education,
  • Projects that support the curriculum through creative application of teaching skills,
  • Projects that supplement the curriculum by providing students with key life skills.
  • Grant funds CANNOT be used for any type of administration compensation.

All grant requests must be approved and signed by the school’s principal or headmaster and submitted to the Foundation. In addition to the applicant’s name, position, school, and contact information, the grant request should include the following:

  1. Cover letter requesting consideration and signed by principal or headmaster
  2. Completed grant application
  3. An overview of the project and expected benefits
  4. A brief project plan and timeline (if applicable)
  5. Itemized budget for the project (submit itemization on budget worksheet attached, Exhibit A)

Grant awards will be announced to the individual schools. The Foundation requires a follow-up letter confirming the implementation of the project and detailing any applicable measures of success. Schools are required to make their approved purchase and requisition grant funds by March 31st of the year following the year in which the grant is awarded. Failure to requisition the grant monies by the deadline could result in forfeiture of the grant.

Complete the online application or you may also download and print the physical application for submition.

Mail to:
Diverse Power Foundation
Attention: School Grant OR P.O. Box 160
LaGrange, Georgia 30241-0003